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Soal Ulangan Semester


Reading Text 1

JAKARTA (JP) : When news went round about an exhibition of original Rembrand etchings at the Dutch cultural center; Erasmus Huis, eyebrows were raised and questions asked.

Were these works – made 300 years ago when the Dutch East India Company ruled here – still relevant to today’s independent Indonesia? Would the public, so used to colorful abstract paintings, be able to appreciate these colorless but detailed images?

  1. How were the people when they heard about the exhibition? They are . . .
  2. A. Sad
    B. Happy
    C. Anxious
    D. surprise
    E. disappointed

  3. What is the topic of the paragraph . . . .
  4. A. The original Rembrand etchings exhibition
    B. The colorful abstract paintings
    C. The Dutch cultural center
    D. The Dutch East India Company
    E. The abstract paintings

  5. Would the public, so used to colorful abstract paintings, be able to appreciate these colorless but detailed images?
    The underlined word means . . . .
  6. A. Buy and sell
    B. Make and imitate
    C. Keep and save
    D. interest and amuse
    E. understand and enjoy

    Reading Text 2

    HUMBURG (DAP): At least one small dream of mankind seems to be becoming true. For the first time ever, people can contact on your usual telephone number anywhere in the world.

    No matter where you are – in the desert, in the Brazilian rain forest or on board ship in mid-Atlantic, your mobile phone will ring wherever anyone call

    This miracle has been made possible by the U.S. Telecommunications Corporation Iridium, which is owned by a group of companies headed by Motorola.

    The technical basis for opening up what Iridium describes as a “new word of global telephoning” is provided by no fewer than 66 satellites launched one by one since May last year. The satellites make the connection to any suitable mobile phone.

    Admittedly, there was a slight hitch on Sept. 23, the date planned for the commercial launch of the new service. Not all the satellites functioned as planned, so only a few test customers got a chance to try it out. One reason, according to the Wall Street Journal, was software problems.

  7. How was a small dream of mankind to be coming true? By . . . .
  8. A. Contacting you on your usual telephone number.
    B. The U.S. telecommunications corporation Iridium.
    C. 66 satellites launched one by one
    D. connecting the satellites to any suitable mobile phone
    E. planning for the commercial launch of the new service

  9. The main idea of the fifth paragraph is . . . .
  10. A. The commercial launch the new service was planned on Sept. 23.
    B. The test for the commercial launch of the new service was successful.
    C. The test for the commercial launch of the new service was unsuccessful.
    D. A few test customers got who got a chance to try it cut.
    E. The satellite which functioned as the technical basis for the communication.

  11. 66 satellites have been launched one by one since . . . .
  12. A. 1995
    B. 1996
    C. 1997
    D. 1998
    E. 1999

  13. The topic of the first paragraph is . . . .
  14. A. A small dream of mankind
    B. The telephone number
    C. How to contact you
    D. The places in the world
    E. The usual telephone number

  15. Admittedly, there was a slight hitch . . . (paragraph 5).
    The underlined word means . . . .
  16. A. Big
    B. huge
    C. Small
    D. vast
    E. large

    Reading Text 3

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN is a regional organization formed by the government of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. It was formed through the ASEAN Declaration or as it is a more commonly known, the Bangkok Declaration.” This was signed by the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN countries on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    The aim of the organization is to have a close cooperation among the member countries on an equal basis. This would bring mutual benefits and stimulate solidarity that will promote peace, stability and prosperity. ASEAN also aimed at maintaining external relation with similar aims; we have ASEAN-Australia economic cooperation, ASEAN-US economic cooperation, etc.

    From the very beginning, ASEAN was set up as a regional organization for economic, social, and cultural cooperation. In addition to these general goals, ASEAN also aims at collaboration in the fields of agriculture, trade and industry, transportation and communication. Politically, ASEAN also aims at keeping Southeast Asia neutral, so that it remains a “Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality”. “The Kuala Lumpur Declaration”, signed on 27 November 1971, is the most significant document in the development of ASEAN. The ASEAN Secretariat office is located on Jln. Sisingamangaraja Jakarta, and its main task is to be responsible for the effective implementation of ASEAN projects and activities. This office was set up in June 1976 based on the Agreement on the Establishment of the ASEAN Secretariat signed at the Bali Summit Conference in February 1976.

  17. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
  18. A. A close cooperation among the member is important.
    B. ASEAN would bring mutual benefits and stimulate solidarity.
    C. The goal of the organization is to have a close cooperation among the member countries.</
    D. ASEAN is also aims at maintaining external relation with similar aims.</
    E. The aim of the organization is to have close cooperation among the member on different basis.

  19. What fields do the member countries cooperation?
  20. A. Economic, social and education
    B. Education, economic and trade
    C. Social, education and trade
    D. Trade, education and culture
    E. Economic, social and culture

  21. ASEAN was formed . . . . years ago
  22. A. 32
    B. 36
    C. 37
    D. 39
    E. 40

  23. What is the topic of the third paragraph?
  24. A. The other aims of ASEAN
    B. The general aims of ASEAN
    C. A regional organization
    D. Trade and industry
    E. Transportation and communication

  25. The aim of the organization . . . the member countries on equal basis (paragraph). The underlined word means . . ..
  26. A. Differ from
    B. Not the same
    C. Depending on
    D. be fond of
    E. the same in

    Reading Text 4

    Have you ever wonder what it would be like to live without working, or being unemployed. One must do his best to get a job, as there are so many kinds of jobs. They are becoming white-collar workers or blue-collar workers who are usually called manual workers. One of the examples of becoming white-collar workers is working in an office with good facilities. The workers always wear white shirts and ties; and the example of becoming blue collar workers or doing manual works is one who works in factory as a dust man, painter etc. here the workers wear overalls during their working hours.

  27. How many kinds of workers are there mentioned in the text?
  28. A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    E. 6

  29. The topic of the paragraph is . . . .
  30. A. White-collar workers
    B. Blue-collar workers
    C. Manual workers
    D. Kinds of workers
    E. Costumes of workers

  31. Have you wondered what would be like to live with out working.
    The underlined word means . . . .
  32. A. Feeling cause by
    B. Feeling surprised
    C. Asking yourself
    D. being filled with
    E. overcome with

  33. A : Some of the teenagers have bad habits today.
    B : Yes, you are right.They include juvenile delinquency. It is often caused by broken families
    From the dialogues we know that “B” thinks that the role of the family is . . .
  34. A. Useless
    B. Important
    C. Unimportant
    D. insignificant
    E. meaningless

  35. A : I know nothing about the Red Cross activities.
    B : Let me help you explain them.
    From the dialogue above we conclude that “B” . . . about the Red Cross.
  36. A. Cares
    B. Hates
    C. thinks
    D. knows
    E. complains

    Reading Text 5

    Indonesian people in general have a desire to be governmental workers because they consider that being a governmental worker means life and better future for the retire age. The problem is “are there quite a lot of occupations to be governmental workers?” People often disappointed because they fail to meet what they have been expecting that is to be opportunities to work in the governmental office.

    Actually, working opportunity is not only to be a governmental worker. If we desire of being a governmental worker, we may be disappointed, because the vacancy of being a governmental worker is limited. The men who want to work are much more than the vacancy available. Even it is also difficult to get a job.

    We find quite a lot of people who get better life and job in private companies. Most of them find good position such as a clerk, a manager, a banker, a technician, a director, etc.

    Because of the difficulty in getting a job, a man should create opportunities for employment for himself and others. We may call them “entrepreneurs”. They build either being big or small private companies. Through this way, much more people will have opportunities of getting jobs.

    The government also encourages some private companies by giving license as simple as possible or facilities needed, to create field of endeavor, where a lot of Indonesia people can be employed. The more vacancies available, the more people get their jobs and it means the better life will be.

  37. What is the topic of the text? . . . .
  38. A. Indonesia people
    B. Governmental workers
    C. Working opportunity
    D. Employment problem
    E. Governmental office

  39. People are often disappointed because they fail to meet . . . (Paragraph 1). The underlined word means . . . .
  40. A. neglect
    B. tired
    C. fluent
    D. difficult
    E. unsuccessful

  41. Why does the government encourage some private companies? to . . .
  42. A. Give license
    B. Get some profit
    C. Make some money
    D. create field of work
    E. support the company

  43. What is the main idea of the fifth paragraph?
  44. A. The government efforts to create the field of endeavor
    B. License and facilities are important for the private company
    C. A lot of people can be employed at private company
    D. More people will get better life and better future
    E. The government does nothing to the private company

  45. How ids the vacancy of being a governmental workers? It is . . . .
  46. A. Bored
    B. Vast
    C. many
    D. limited
    E. disappointed

  47. Jim : Hi, Ram. Do you remember Anton?
    Ram : Yes, I heard once, that he went to Europe. Since then, I have never heard about him
    Jim : I expect to meet him next time.
    The underlined expression expresses . . . .
  48. A. Anxiety
    B. Hopes
    C. Agreement
    D. possibility
    E. satisfied

  49. Betty : How is your sister, Tom? Is she getting better now
    Tom : No, I’m worried about her health, she is getting worse.
    Betty : . . . .
  50. A. How pity I am
    B. Forgive me
    C. Sorry to bother you
    D. I’m sorry to hear that
    E. you’re support to help me

  51. Assistant : . . . ? Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?
    Customer : No, thank you. I’m just looking around.
  52. A. Can you give me some help
    B. Could you give me a hand
    C. Is everything satisfactory
    D. Can I help you, Sir
    E. Would you help me, please

  53. X : Would you like to go to the beach?
    Y : No, not particularly. I’d rather go to mountain resort. The underlined utterance expresses . . . .
  54. A. Ability
    B. Preference
    C. Agreement
    D. possibility
    E. disappointment

  55. Sartono : Mira, there is a good film on at the Jakarta theatre. “ . . . . .
    Mira : I’d love to.
  56. A. Could you do me a favour
    B. How are things with you
    C. That will be wonderful
    D. What a beautiful girl you are
    E. Would you like to go with me

  57. Anto : Shall I post that letter,, for you?
    Dommy : No, thank you. I can do it in the way home.
    The underlined utterance is about . . .
  58. A. Expressing hope
    D. asking information
    B. Refusing offer
    E. accepting invitation
    C. Introducing people

  59. Dina : Roni, that is the most popular book.
    Roni : Yes, It . . . by a distinguished professor.
  60. A. Wrote
    B. Writes
    C. is being written
    D. Was written
    E. has been writing

  61. John : When did your father buy this piano?
    Merry : He . . . it before he married my mother.
  62. A. Bought
    B. Was buying
    C. Had bought
    D. has been bought
    E. has been buying

  63. Tom : Can I use you car for a moment?
    John : sure, where’s yours?
    Tom : It is being repaired.
    The underlined utterance is about . . . .
  64. A. Asking information
    B. Offering a help
    C. Asking a hope
    D. showing a hope
    E. refusing an offer

  65. Sardi : May I borrow your calculator?
    Rena : I’m afraid you can’t. There is something wrong with it
    The underlined utterance expresses . . . .
  66. A. objective
    B. agreement
    C. ability
    D. worried
    E. dislike

  67. Isa : Hi, Andi! Why are you so late?
    Andi : I’m, sorry. If I didn’t wait for my sister I would come early.
  68. A. Subjunctive wish
    B. Adjective clause
    C. Elliptical construction
    D. conditional clause
    E. habitual action

  69. Merry : We . . . to watch the film tonight. Will you join us?
    Susi : Yes, of course.
  70. A. Shall be going
    B. Were going
    C. are going
    D. went
    E. go

  71. The corn and the wheat are processed in . . . .building.
  72. A. Separate
    B. Divide
    C. alone
    D. together
    E. once

  73. The taxi made an abrupt stop at the intersection.
    The underlined word means . . . .
  74. A. Good
    B. Fast
    C.. slow
    D. smooth
    E. sudden

  75. The Boss . . . him because he did not do his job well.
  76. A. Admired
    B. Prizes
    C. promoted
    D. dismissed
    E. employed

  77. He was . . . to a small island because he opposed the government.
  78. A. Exiled
    B. Take
    C. driven
    D. thrown
    E. passed

  79. Parents should give children chances to overcome their problems.
    The underlined word means . . . .
  80. A. Get the better of
    B. Escape from
    C. Run away
    D. hide out
    E. keep away

  81. There are many house-wise in big cities who torture their maid –servants for a little reason.
    The underlined word means to . . ..
  82. A. Get by paying a price
    B. Obtains at a sacrifice
    C. Make time pass pleasantly
    D. Done in order to deceive
    E. Cause serve suffering to

    No. 42 s/d 51 (soal isian)

    Indonesia, one of the developing countries, a . . .(42) . . .of G-15 and member of APEC, . . . (43) . . .a good prospect because of its . . . (44). Textile and textile product are now the Indonesia’s . . . (45) . . . export after oil and gas . . . (46). . . the Bali Round, Indonesia become more . . . (47) . . . in many part of the world. Then Indonesia . . . (48) . . . promotes tourism, another field of . . . (49) . . . that can yield money for the national . . . (50) . The national assets from tourism are . . . (51) . . . people, scenery and historical object. Indonesians, therefore, are optimistic about the future.

  83. A. group
  84. B. Port
    C. member
    D. crowd
    E. division

  85. A. has
  86. B. get
    C. obtain
    D. provide
    E. gather

  87. A. source
  88. B. Assets
    C. products
    D. commodities
    E. objects

  89. A. smallest
  90. B. Largest
    C. biggest
    D. widest
    E. fewest

  91. A. when
  92. B. before
    C. while
    D. beside
    E. after

  93. A. similar
  94. B. Beautiful
    C. modern
    D. well-known
    E. developed

  95. A. annually
  96. B. Continuously
    C. periodically
    D. monthly
    E. regularly

  97. A. business
  98. B. Industry
    C. factory
    D. market
    E. profit

  99. A. asset
  100. B. tax
    C. income
    D. trade
    E. market

  101. A. honest
  102. B. Cruel
    C. sinful
    D. criminal
    E. friendly

  103. There is an important and relevant link between skills development and industrialization
    The underlined word means . . . .
  104. A. Chain
    B. Line
    C. spot
    D. dot
    E. market

  105. Manager is an important . . . in developing the firm.
  106. A. Play
    B. Role
    C. act
    D. skill
    E. work

  107. The new employers will be placed at the branch office in Solo.
    The underlined word means . . . .
  108. A. Arm
    B. Head
    C. division
    D. remote
    E. small

  109. The applicants must fulfil all the . . . .
  110. A. Applications
    B. Experience
    C. Requirements
    D. treatment
    E. education

  111. I can’t bear working in that firm, that is why I plan to move to another firm.
    The underlined word means . . . .
  112. A. Accept
    B. Like
    C. join
    D. hate
    E. endure

  113. The food and agricultural organization has been working for the special problems of . . . in the
  114. A. Welfare
    B. Effect
    C. war
    D. population
    E. hunger

  115. FAO sends . . . to help countries that need advice on how to increase food products.
  116. A. Teachers
    B. Experts
    C. leaders
    D. envoys
    E. consults

  117. A great number of people in the world are still illiterate. The underlined word means.
  118. A. Talk or listen
    B. Hear or laugh
    C. Smile or cry or write
    E. walk or run

  119. Many nation are rich, many others live in ….
  120. A. Good
    B. pleasant
    C. lonely
    D. Well
    E. poverty


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